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Nick Davis

Editor. Storyteller. 

I fancy myself a strong storyteller, and where I find myself most effective as a storyteller is in the editor's chair. I enjoy being able to come in after a team has just finished up production and be the fresh eyes that come in and put it all together in a thoughtful and exciting way. I love being able to help creative teams bring their visions to reality. I love being an editor.
Most of my career has been in editing for ads, whether it be a brand or films. I enjoy helping to tell meaningful stories; stories that have the ability to make an impact and do some good. I have been drawn to content pieces about inspirational human stories. I find there are many stories to tell in that world and a skilled editor who know s how to communicate those stories is needed to make the greatest impact. That being said, I am very fond of editing commercials, trailers and films as well.
I am also no stranger to New Business pitch work. Whether it be trying to land a new client or a show an existing client a new direction. I have been a part of many winning teams during all phases of pitch work. And along with my extensive film and music knowledge, my 7 years at Wieden+Kennedy's Joint Editorial have given me plenty of tools to be an asset for your New Business pitch.
Lately, I have been drawn to do more teaching in my free time.  I feel that with my cumulative experience, it is time to give back and teach what I have learned to the youth coming up in this field.  As a result, I enjoy working with young creatives teams. I find my love of teaching combined with 17+ years in post production make me an ideal candidate to not only help young creatives see their projects through the finish line, but to help mentor them along their creative journey.
*There is a little write-up about my role in each of the jobs featured on this site to the right of the playing videos (can't be seen on mobile).
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